Time well spent

This is a new blog.  It isn’t designed to fit a niche, nor is it designed to pull interest from other people.  If it does so, awesome.  I am writing this blog to welcome the unexpected, the interesting, and the fun.

The reason why I am doing this comes oddly enough from math.  I know weird how numbers seem to always creep up on you in life.  For instance, did you know that the average human life span is 79 years.  Not sure how accurate that number is but it’s as good a representation as any.  Now in 79 years there are 948 months, out of that 4,108 weeks, or 28,835 days.  That’s how many days that average person will live.  Now if you are 20 years old that means that 7,300 of those days have already been spent leaving you with 21,535 days to live the rest of your life.  Sounds like a lot but what if we changed that to money in order to go by the phrase, “Time well spent”.  That would mean you have $21,535 to spend.  Each dollar spent could make the next more enriching or significant but nothing, and I mean nothing, you do can give you more to spend. Life will be spent day by day, taking more and more from your metaphorical bank.  A bank that may or may not hold 21,535.  So I am writing this blog in an effort to make each day fulfilling and worth the cost of time I put into it.  I will try to write every week about what I have found interesting or fun, because I’m of the belief that those qualities make life worth the daily struggle.  Hopefully this pushes me to find the things I am passionate about, if not at least it was time well spent.